Window displays

Is your shop or company located on a busy shopping street? Then it is difficult to stand out, but how do you stand out? People see the outside view of your building first. This makes it important to leave a good first impression. Digital signage can help with this. A screen in the shop window ensures:

You can use a digital signage screen in the shop window where many people walk by. Think of a retailer, real estate agent, or company that wants to communicate interesting content to passers-by. Some examples of deployment options and advantages of a shop window screen; Sharing the housing offer, communicating promotions and offers, creating different atmospheres and experiences, and making the shop window interactive.

When and where would you like to share the right content? You must consider this point carefully. The digital signage screens make it possible to communicate 24/7 or whenever you want. As a result, you need different content for different parts of the day. 

For example, you want to get people in when the store is open, but also how you can find the store online and how long the store is open. When the store closes, you want to show what you have in the range. We can help you arrange everything from top to bottom. Contact us without obligation!

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Why DS Templates?

DS Templates makes digital signage easy. DS Templates is extremely suitable for optimizing communication to employees and visitors. We prepare templates in company identity for you to be able to communicate quickly in accordance with your company identity. This with an eye for detail, with professional content and user-friendliness being our primary goal.

What makes DS Templates a good system?

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