Window displays

Is your shop or company located on a busy street where it is hard to stand out? Creating a great first impression from the outside of your premises can make a real difference and that is where digital signage can help. Here are just some of the benefits of placing a screen in your shop or office window:

Digital signage is ideal for retailers, real estate agents or any business looking to attract the attention of passers-by and communicate interesting content. Examples of where screens in window spaces can be effective include sharing your latest product or property offers, highlighting promotions and special offers, creating different  impressions and experiences, and making your shop or office window interactive.

Adjust your content to time your message for a specific audience. With digital signage screens you can communicate 24/7 or at any time you choose. So you can publish different content for different times of the day.

For example, use your screens to attract prospective customers inside during opening hours, but also display your online store and general opening times. When you are closed, you want to show more of your product range. We can help and advise you on adjusting your content to suit your audience day or night. Contact us without obligation!

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Why DS Templates?

DS Templates makes digital signage easy. Our solution is ideally suited to optimising communication for employees, visitors and prospective customers. We can prepare templates with your company’s house style, so that you can communicate effectively in line with your brand image. With an eye for detail, we help you create and publish effective professional content with ease.

What makes DS Templates so effective?

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