The world of retail is all about experience and communication. Digital signage offers you a dynamic and visually appealing way to reach your customers. We understand that every shop is unique, whether you run a small boutique or a large supermarket chain, digital signage offers a range of possibilities to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. The experienced team at DS Templates is on-hand to advise you and help you make the most of this flexible technology, without you needing any technical or graphics expertise.

Digital screens in key in-store locations means you can publish targeted content. You can use digital screens to inform, inspire and prompt customers to act. From promoting special offers and new products, to providing important information such as opening hours and safety procedures, digital signage brings your shop to life!


Use digital signage to promote special offers of the day. Target specific customer groups at specific times, to increase product sales.

In-store or on-premises digital screens enable you to share targeted content that is important to the visitor at that given time. This inspires customers, encouraging them stay in your store longer and making them more inclined to purchase.

Using digital screens to display product information, comparisons or customer reviews help customers make informed decisions without needing help from staff. This increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

The latest trends or seasonal products can be quickly and easily updated on your digital signage screens, ensuring that the content on your screens is always up-to-date.

By sharing interactive content on a touchscreen, customers have more information at their disposal. For instance, they can browse through the product range or fill in surveys, which increases engagement. In addition, videos, quizzes or quote templates can also provide a more enjoyable shopping experience.


Screens in the shop window draw the attention of passers-by, and this is how you can communicate outside opening hours. Customers and passers-by are kept informed about your product range, information about your shop, your special offers and anything else you want to share.

For an impressive visual experience inside your shop, you can place several screens side by side to create a video wall. A video wall attracts customers’ attention, has a real wow factor, and gives a prestigious appearance.

Several screens in strategic locations are important for larger shops and premises. They can be used for signage to help customers find departments and products, improving customer flow and the overall shopping experience.

Automate information exchange between your digital signage system and other business software so that key data can be processed and presented automatically on your display screens, ensuring your message is always up-to-date and relevant.

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This is what your presentation could look like with DS Templates

What could your digital signage displays look like with the easy-to-use DS Templates? Our templates are ideal for optimising communication with employees and visitors. To help you get started, we can prepare branded templates with own corporate identity. With an eye for detail combined with professional content, our primary goal is to giving you the user-friendly tools you need.

Why choose DS Templates?

Automate & connect existing information flows

Social media

Share news items from social media by simply adding your own social media RSS feed into the templates. The messages are automatically retrieved and displayed.


Digital signs within the school can show visitors the way to different classrooms and facilities and can be easily updated when needed.

Power BI

Engage employees in processes and create flawless presentations by connecting to Power BI to integrate reports and dashboards. With a permanent connection, there is no need to log in every time there is an update.

Emergency module

Display any emergency situations or other urgent messages, together with evacuation and other procedures where necessary.

Poll module

Ask employees and visitors to give their opinions, or offer more information on a topic? Create questions and answers, link them in a template and display them on screens. You can also give answers via a touchscreen or QR code.

API integrations

Automatically present information from other systems on your information screens using our API integration options.

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