Digital signage is a powerful and efficient tool in healthcare, to inform and engage patients and visitors. At DS Templates, we offer user-friendly narrowcasting solutions that require no technical or graphics knowledge. Our software is specially designed to help healthcare facilities communicate important information in a professional and attractive way.

In a sector where clear communication is essential, digital signage screens in waiting areas, treatment rooms and public spaces within healthcare facilities can make a valuable contribution. Whether they are used for sharing waiting times, health information or important announcements, digital signage screens ensure the right information reaches the right people at the right time. At DS Templates, we understand the unique needs of a healthcare environment, and offer solutions specifically tailored to this sector, to help you demonstrate your empathy and commitment to your patients, staff and visitors.


With digital signage, healthcare facilities can share important announcements, waiting times and appointments easily with patients and visitors. This helps keep everyone informed and improves communication throughout the premises.

By displaying informative and entertaining content in waiting rooms, patients not only feel better informed but also more at ease. This contributes to a positive experience and increases patient satisfaction.

Digital signage allows healthcare facilities to update information quickly and easily, so you can react quickly to changes and share up-to-date information.

With customised corporate identity templates and over 600 ready-to-use templates, DS Templates ensures a professional look on every screen, to reinforce the image of your healthcare institution.

Our software is designed so that anyone can work with it without any specific technical knowledge. This means less time and effort is needed for staff to manage the screens.


Make the waiting time more pleasant for patients by showing current waiting times, relaxing or educational videos, or news. You can use these screens to inform patients and visitors about important health issues at the same time.

Inform patients of which doctors or specialists are present, to help them prepare for their appointment. This can also help in emergency situations, to locate the right member of staff when they are needed.

Use digital signage for clear and dynamic routing within the building. Screens help visitors and patients find their way quickly and easily.

Share important announcements, health guidelines or health campaign promotions. This not only keeps everyone well-informed, but also play a role in improving health and treatment outcomes.

Integrate a sequence numbering system in waiting rooms, to inform patients when it is their turn, increasing efficiency and the overall patient experience.

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This is what your presentation could look like with DS Templates

DS Templates makes digital signage easy. DS Templates is extremely suitable for optimizing communication to employees and visitors. We prepare templates in company identity for you to be able to communicate quickly in accordance with your company identity. This with an eye for detail, with professional content and user-friendliness being our primary goal.

Why choose DS Templates?

Automate & connect existing information flows

Presence module

See who is present in the building at any time. And with the touchscreen option, employees can register their attendance and availability quickly and easily.

Queue management module

Providing visitors with information about expected waiting times and sequence number information. This improves waiting time experience.

Social media

Share news items from social media by simply adding your own social media RSS feed into the templates. The messages are automatically retrieved and displayed.

Poll module

Ask employees and visitors to give their opinions, or offer more information on a topic? Create questions and answers, link them in a template and display them on screens. You can also give answers via a touchscreen or QR code.


Digital signs within the school can show visitors the way to different classrooms and facilities and can be easily updated when needed.

API integrations

Automatically present information from other systems on your information screens using our API integration options.

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