Digital signage offers the automotive sector a dynamic and visually appealing way to present information. Improve the customer experience in your showroom and increase potential car sales. With DS Templates, you can display and update digital content on screens easily, without any technical or graphics knowledge. Our software is designed to help you presenting your sales proposition more effectively, while display screens also enhance the overall appearance of your showroom.

Whether you want to present the latest models, highlight ongoing promotions or inform customers about your services, our easy-to-use software and customised templates will help you achieve a professional and attractive messaging. Moreover, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, allowing you to manage all the information you want to share in one place.


With more than 600 ready-to-use templates and customised corporate identity templates, we help ensure a professional presentation of your messaging. Create and publish your branded content quickly and easily throughout your showroom.

Our software is easy to use. Even without technical or graphics knowledge, you can add, edit and manage content quickly and easily. This means that every employee can create relevant and inspiring content to promote your business.

DS Templates offers a hybrid solution that is compatible with different types of hardware. Our software works seamlessly on both Android and Windows screens.

Integrate current information effortlessly. Keep your customers up-to-date with news and weather feeds, social media updates and the latest traffic information. And of course, you can also use your screens to display relevant information about your company.

With digital signage, you can display targeted messages and promotions to specific target groups within your showroom. This increases the relevance of your communications and improves the customer experience.


Use digital signage to present new models, outline specifications and highlight unique features in an attractive and appealing way, to persuade prospective customers and help them make a better-informed decision.

Highlighting ongoing promotions, discounts and special offers directly on your showroom screens, attracts the customer’s attention and helps boost sales.

Use your screens to inform customers about your opening hours, maintenance options and service packages, to improve the all-round customer experience.

Make waiting more pleasant by using your screens to display entertainment, news or business information. This keeps customers engaged while they wait and enhances their overall experience.

Use digital signage to help visitors navigate around your showroom. Clear directions and information ensure a smooth and effective visit.

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This is what your presentation could look like with DS Templates

What could your digital signage displays look like with the easy-to-use DS Templates? Our templates are ideal for optimising communication with employees and visitors. To help you get started, we can prepare branded templates with own corporate identity. With an eye for detail combined with professional content, our primary goal is to giving you the user-friendly tools you need.

Why choose DS Templates?

Automate & connect existing information flows

Welcome module

Welcome visitors with a personalised message on a dedicated screen in your reception area or entrance. Messages can even be updated dynamically at the time of each guest’s appointment.

Social media

Share news items from social media by simply adding your own social media RSS feed into the templates. The messages are automatically retrieved and displayed.

Power BI

Engage employees in processes and create flawless presentations by connecting to Power BI to integrate reports and dashboards. With a permanent connection, there is no need to log in every time there is an update.


Digital signs within the school can show visitors the way to different classrooms and facilities and can be easily updated when needed.

Poll module

Ask employees and visitors to give their opinions, or offer more information on a topic? Create questions and answers, link them in a template and display them on screens. You can also give answers via a touchscreen or QR code.

API integrations

Automatically present information from other systems on your information screens using our API integration options.

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