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PPDS - Philips Professional Display Solution

At DS Templates, we are thrilled to partner with PPDS (Philips Professional Display Solutions) to bring you unparalleled digital signage technology from this top-tier digital signage technology provider. PPDS is a leader in the display industry, providing innovative solutions such as digital signage, interactive displays and LED screens. Their products are designed to elevate communication and engagement across a wide range of industries, including retail, education, hospitality and corporate environments.

Our collaboration with PPDS ensures a seamless integration of our software with their advanced hardware, resulting in a fully compatible and powerful digital signage solution. This partnership enables us to offer our clients cutting-edge displays combined with our user-friendly and versatile software, making it easier than ever to manage and present fabulous content. The synergy between PPDS innovative  hardware and our intuitive software ensures that your digital signage is not only visually stunning but also highly effective. Moreover, managing and showcasing your  content in engaging and informative spaces is also effortless.

We work with PPDS across multiple verticals, including corporate, education and retail, to provide tailored digital signage solutions that meet the unique needs of each  sector. Whether you are looking to enhance your communications in a corporate setting, create engaging educational environments or captivate customers in a retail space, our integrated solutions deliver exceptional results.

We are particularly excited to introduce our integration with the WAVE platform. This integration empowers end-users to control their PPDS displays directly from the DS Templates software, simplifying the management process and enhancing the overall user experience. With the WAVE platform, you can update content, adjust display settings, and monitor performance effortlessly via a single, easy-to-use interface.

At DS Templates, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient digital signage solutions. Our partnership with PPDS and the integration with the WAVE platform exemplifies our commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled service to our clients. Whether youare looking to captivate your audience with stunning visuals, or to streamline your content management, our integrated solutions are designed to meet your unique needs.

Explore the transformative potential of DS Templates and PPDS for your digital signage needs. Discover how our partnership can enhance your communications and engagement activities by creating impactful and memorable digital experiences. To learn more about PPDS hardware and the benefits of the WAVE platform  integration, click below.

Hardware partner

VEBO Digital Signage Solutions

VEBO Digital Signage Solutions is a young and highly motivated team focused on the digital world. Discover what VEBO Digital Signage Solutions can do for you!VEBO Digital Signage Solutions helps you inspire and captivate your customers by creating a unique atmosphere using innovative digital products. VEBO Digital Signage Solutions digital products ensure you’ll stand out even more by presenting your story more attractively than ever! With a wide range of digital products, including kiosks, interactive displays, floor stands, LED screens and more, VEBO Digital Signage Solutions offers a state-of-the-art solution for every digital environment.

VEBO Digital Signage Solutions is a proud partner of DS Templates. Our software and hardware combination is 100% compatible, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Explore VEBO Digital Signage Solutions and turn visitors into buyers! Curious about VEBO Digital Signage Solutions hardware? Click here.

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