Whether you run a snack bar, restaurant, lunchroom or hotel, we have the perfect solution at DS Templates, to inform and entertain your guests. Offer your guests a unique experience by publishing information and display promotions quickly and easily, without any technical or graphics experience.

Digital signage allows you to reach your customers in an attractive and flexible way. Display digital menu boards to present your menu, or use your screens to promote 
special offers and events. This powerful tool not only improves the customer experience, it can also make your operations more efficient.

At DS Templates, we understand that every hospitality venue is unique. That is why we offer an extensive library of over 600 ready-to-use templates as well as the ability
to create customised solutions that align with your branding and your specific requirements. Whether you want to communicate with your guests in the reception or
waiting area, display your menu digitally, or inform your staff, our software offers the flexibility you need.


Digital signage allows you to inform and entertain your guests with attractive and relevant content. Anything is possible, from menus to special offers, or beautiful images and videos. Your chosen content creates a modern and professional look to improve your guests’ overall experience.

Share important information quickly and easily. Whether you are displaying daily specials, changes in opening hours, or event announcements, you can update your screens with just a few clicks. So, your guests are always up to date with your latest news.

DS Templates offers an extensive library of over 600 ready-to-use templates that you can fill with your own content straight away. We can also develop customised templates that reflect your corporate identity and meet your specific requirements. This allows you to tailor your content in line with your own branding and customers’ needs.

Our digital signage software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Regardless of their technical or graphics knowledge, everyone on your team can manage and publish content with ease. This saves you time and allows changes to be made quickly without the need for a specialist.


Creates a modern and professional look with digital menu boards that display your menu dynamically. You can make any changes easily, such as adding new dishes or adjusting prices, ensuring your menu is always up-to-date.

Use digital signage to promote special offers, discounts and events. Attractive visuals and videos attract your guests’ attention and encourage impulse purchases. This can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and so, potentially boost sales.

Share important information with your staff, for example work schedules, training modules and company updates. Digital signage can also be used to inform them about safety procedures or to celebrate successes and milestones. This ensures better internal communication and increases your team’s engagement.

Clear and attractive routing will guide your guests effortlessly through your premises. This is especially useful for larger restaurants or hotels, where guests may need help finding their way. With digital signage, you can display directions and information about your facilities easily and clearly, ensuring a better and more efficient guest experience.

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This is what your presentation could look like with DS Templates

What could your digital signage displays look like with the easy-to-use DS Templates? Our templates are ideal for optimising communication with employees and visitors. To help you get started, we can prepare branded templates with own corporate identity. With an eye for detail combined with professional content, our primary goal is to giving you the user-friendly tools you need.

Why choose DS Templates?

Automate & connect existing information flows

Menu board module

Create digital menu boards that display the menu dynamically. With the module, changes can easily be made, ensuring the menu is always up-to-date.

Social media

Share news items from social media by simply adding your own social media RSS feed into the templates. The messages are automatically retrieved and displayed.

Welcome module

Welcome visitors with a personalised message on a dedicated screen in your reception area or entrance. Messages can even be updated dynamically at the time of each guest’s appointment.


Digital signs within the school can show visitors the way to different classrooms and facilities and can be easily updated when needed.

Poll module

Ask employees and visitors to give their opinions, or offer more information on a topic? Create questions and answers, link them in a template and display them on screens. You can also give answers via a touchscreen or QR code.

API integrations

Automatically present information from other systems on your information screens using our API integration options.

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