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In a competitive market, it is essential to present your offer in an attractive and effective way. Digital signage is a great and effective way to reach visitors as well as prospective customers. Whether you own an estate agency or are a property developer, digital signage enables you to display dynamic and visually appealing content that immediately catches the attention of potential buyers or tenants. This not only creates a professional image but also strengthens your brand and increases the visibility of your properties.

Our system is designed with your convenience in mind and requires no technical or graphics knowledge. So, you can focus on what really matters: selling and letting properties. With a wide range of ready-made templates and the option for branded customisation, we offer a solution that perfectly aligns with the unique needs of your business. The flexibility and ease-of-use of our software empower you to display up- to-date information easily and effectively. So, you can respond to market changes and ensure that your customers are well-informed.


With digital signage, you can display the latest homes, commercial properties and developments easily and attractively. Use screens to make your shop window more appealing and attract the attention of passers-by.

Update your content real-time. Whether it’s new properties, price changes or open house dates, you can always display up-to-date information without having to replace printed material.

Our clear, easy-to-use templates create a clean and professional look. This safeguards consistency and strengthens your brand, to give potential buyers confidence in your approach.

Interactive screens enable visitors to browse your properties on offer, or request further information. This increases engagement and can generate more leads.

Save time and effort by using our software to automate your content and generate updates by linking to your ERP or CRM systems.


Attract the attention of passers-by with attractive presentations of your properties. Show the best photos and videos of houses, including important details such as price and location. Sharing your opening hours ensures that customers know when they can call in or come back at a later time.

Inform visitors and staff with screens in the reception or waiting area. You can also publish announcements, new offerings and other relevant information. Engaging content also makes waiting times seem shorter.

Use touchscreens to present details of open-house days and additional information for visitors can browse through. Provide overviews of available properties, available visiting times and directions. This enables prospective buyers to gather their own
information, contributing to a more positive customer experience.

Impress visitors to your premises with a large video wall showing off your real estate portfolio in detail, or sharing informative videos. This attracts the attention and reinforcers your company’s professional image.

Use narrowcasting for clear signage during events or when visitors have appointments in large offices. This helps them find their way easily and ensures visits go smoothly.

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This is what your presentation could look like with DS Templates

What could your digital signage displays look like with the easy-to-use DS Templates? Our templates are ideal for optimising communication with employees and visitors. To help you get started, we can prepare branded templates with own corporate identity. With an eye for detail combined with professional content, our primary goal is to giving you the user-friendly tools you need.

Why choose DS Templates?

Automate & connect existing information flows

Real estate module

Display the latest homes, commercial properties and developments with an ERP or CRM system. These systems generate updates and show content automatically.

Social media

Share news items from social media by simply adding your own social media RSS feed into the templates. The messages are automatically retrieved and displayed.

Welcome module

Welcome visitors with a personalised message on a dedicated screen in your reception area or entrance. Messages can even be updated dynamically at the time of each guest’s appointment.


Digital signs within the school can show visitors the way to different classrooms and facilities and can be easily updated when needed.

Poll module

Ask employees and visitors to give their opinions, or offer more information on a topic? Create questions and answers, link them in a template and display them on screens. You can also give answers via a touchscreen or QR code.

API integrations

Automatically present information from other systems on your information screens using our API integration options.

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