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Are you an integrator of digital signage solutions? partnerscollaborate

Do you sell or develop digital signage solutions and are you looking for professional content? We are happy to work with you! How it works?

We offer professional content, news feeds, weather forecasts and various modules within our platform. Your end users can publish these templates on their screens. We provide the content, you manage the users.

You as a partner or integrator, can create and manage users within the platform. In addition, we train you to give good demonstrations to potential end users of the platform.

We unburden you and make the most beautiful content for your end users. In addition, we have developed a revenue model for our partners. Curious about this? We are happy to inform you.

We continue to expand our platform with new templates, modules and handy tools for digital signage. You can also expect us to contact you regularly. Your input and tips make this platform even better. With your help and input, we can make the right choices.

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