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€2,50 per month

Custom colors

Templates with your corporate identity color? No problem! With this add-on you can change all templates to your colors.

€2,- per month

Custom fonts

By default we offer Google Fonts in the templates. Do you want to upload your own font? This add-on offers the possibility to integrate your own fonts!

€2,50 per month

Adjust positioning elements

You have found a nice template but you would like to have that one text area more to the right? With this add-on you can move all elements yourself.

€2,50 per month

Customize animations

Don’t you like the standard animations? this add-on offers the possibility to adjust all animations to your own choice.

€3,50 per month

Create your playlist

This add-on makes it possible to combine your templates in our platform. Choose your favorite transition from template to template and publish it on your screens!

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